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Beginning & Intermediate Algedra Review

0.4(5.1) The Greatest Common Factor By Grouping

Exercises 1-4
Find the greatest common factor the numbers.
15) 21,24,30

A) 21
B) 1
C) 6
D) 3

Exercises 7-16
Find the greatest common factor the terms.
16) 15m5, 135m9

A) 15m4

Exercises 23-34
Complete the factoring.
17) 16x7y9 = 2x5y7( )

A) 8xy2
B) 32x3y3
C) 8x2y2
D) 32x2y2

Exercises 35-58
Factor out the greatest common factor.
18) 64x9y9 + 80x6y6 + 64x4y3

A) No common factor (except 1)
B)16(4x9y9 + 5x6y6 + 4x4y3)
C) 16x4y3(4x5y6 + 5x2y3 + 4)
D)16x4(4x5y9 + 5x2y6 + 4y3)

Exercises 67-86
Factor by grouping.
19) 10a3 - 15a2b - 4ab2 + 6b3

A) (5a2 - 2b2)(2a - 3b)
B) (5a2 + 2b2)(2a + 3b)
C) (5a2 - 2b)(2a -3b)
D) (10a2 -2b2)(a - 3b)

0.5(5.2) Factoring Trinomials

Exercises 11-22
Complete the factoring.
20) x2 - 3x - 40 = (x + 5)( )

A) -x-8
D) x+8

Exercises 23-40
Factor completely.
21) x2 + 4x - 21

A) (x-7)(x+1)
B) (x+7)(x-3)
C) Prime
D) (x-7)(x+3)

Exercises 43-60
Factor completely.
22) x2 + 3xy - 28y2

B) (x-y)(x+4y)
C) (x-7y)(x+y)
D) (x+7y)(x-4y)

0.6(5.3) More on Factoring Trinomials

Exercises 1-6
Factor by grouping.
23) 15x2 - 25x + 18x - 30

A) (5x+6)(3x-5)
B) (5x-6)(3x+5)
C) (15x-6)(x+5)
D) (15x+6)(x-5)

Exercises 21-58
Factor as completely as possible. If unfactorable,  indicate that the polynomial is prime.
24) 15x2 + 22x + 8

A) (3x-2)(5x-4)
C) (3x+2)(5x+4)
D) (15x+2)(x+4)

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