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Multiply, Dividing; Exponents; Square Roots; and Solving Equations

To Multiply/Divide Integers:

o If you are multiplying or dividing 2 numbers with the same sign, the answer will be positive.
o If you are multiplying or dividing 2 numbers with a different sign, the answer will be negative.

Objective 1: Multiply/Divide integers w/ the same sign

Objective 2: Multiply/Divide integers w/ a different sign

Objective 3: Evaluate numbers in exponential form
 oWhen evaluating a negative number in exponential form, 2 conditions must be true to get a positive answer
  oYou must have an even exponent
  oYour negative number must be in parenthesis

*If both conditions are not met, you answer is negative!!!

Objective 4: Solving equations containing an unknown factor

•To solve an unknown factor, write a related division equation in which the product is divided by the unknown factor
 o 9x = -63
 o -30y = -63

Objective 5: Evaluate square roots
•Square root: A base number that can be squared to equal a given number
•Every positive number has two square roots, a positive root and a negative root
  o Find the square roots of each number
  o 81
  o 25

• The radical sign is used when you only want the Principal square root, which is defined as the positive square root of a number

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